Ekta A.C Dormitory

Ekta Restaurant


Ekta Dormitory is a modern place with all necessary amenities and safe & secure residential for Men who walk down to Surat in different tourist and traveller

Elegant interior and design

Envision a place where your comfort has been preserved.You can expect excellent interior design, sublime bathroom arrangements and soothing ambiance.

A luxury place for relaxation

Imagine The Perfect Atmosphere For A Relaxation. A Place Of Tranquility And Renewal Awaits You.Ekta Dormitory & Guesthouse Offers Our Guests Enchanting Accommodations

Hospitality Begins With You

At The Ekta Dormitory & Guesthouse You Will Receive Warm Hospitality,Excellent Service And Respect For Your Privacy.


Hotel Ekta has brought the global approach of dinning with focus on authentic Indian food.

About Restaurant

We are well known for feeding the minds, bodies and soul of our guests through an attitude of serving tasty food. The food is excellent, the servings are generous and the atmosphere warm and friendly. We believe the paying customer should in for a gastronomical treat, and leave with a delicious feeling of inner joy.

Available Food
  • punjabi food
  • south indian food
  • snacks food
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Best City Dormitory

Our Dormitory Was Founded In 2018 To Provide Travelers On A Budget From All Over The World With Affordable Yet Highly Comfortable Accommodation That They Could Enjoy.

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We Are One Of The Most Popular Dormitory For The Guests Of Our City. Our Dormitory Is Well Known For The Unique Approach To Our Clients And Visitors.

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Our Mission Is To Provide Comfortable Accommodation, Perfect And Affordable Place To Stay For Our Valuable Customers.

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Tea & Coffee

You Can Always Have Some Hot Coffee & Tea In Our Kitchen, Available To All Our Clients.

Hot Showers

Dormitory Is Famous For Clean And Hot Showers That You Can Have At Any Time Of The Day.


Need To Quickly Wash Your Clothes? Our Laundry Is Always At Your Service.

Air Conditioning

All Rooms At Our Dormitory Are Equipped With Reliable Air Conditioner Systems.

24 Hours A/c

Smoke Free

Smoking Is Strictly Prohibited As Even Its Harmful For Your Health, And It Is Better For Environment.


Use Our Ironing Services To Quickly Made Your Clothes Look Splendid After Laundry.


If You Carry Any Valuable Items, Feel Free To Store Them In Our Dormitory’s Lockers.